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Masters or pg dip without completing bachelor's

User: Sudharsan - 20 August 2017 06:39

I am an Indian, who has enrolled in to an MBBS course, I have completed 4.5 years of the required 5.5 years (1 year internship), I could not move forward to my internship because I have been failing in my final year for a couple of years (4 attempts), I just want to move forward somehow, can I join a pg dip or masters course in UK without completing bachelor's, will my bachelor's experience amount to something? I am doing a research project in learning disorders now will it help me get in a course? I want to join either child development, clinical psychology something related to psychology.

User: Tudor_Queen - 21 August 2017 14:26

I think unless you have several papers where you are the first author you wouldn't be allowed to progress to postgraduate study without having completed your undergraduate studies.

Why do you keep failing the final year? It is worth pointing out that PG studies are a level up from undergraduate studies. So if you are struggling at undergrad, it is likely that you would struggle more at postgrad.

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