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What happens when you leave a CDT program after the 1st year, are you awarded a MSc?

User: stephen_w1995 - 16 August 2017 14:51

I have an offer for a CDT program but I have two concerns. First, the CDT is in an area where I don't have a huge amount of experience. The program looks interesting but I help questioning whether I will enjoy it. Second thing is that I would be moving away from home to a new institution which I have not visited, for my undergrad I was really close (20 miles) but this new place is over 200 miles away.

If for whatever reason it isn't a good match for me and wanted to leave, but stick out the first year, will I still be awarded an MSc or do you just leave with nothing?


User: Tudor_Queen - 17 August 2017 14:25

You have to finish the course to be awarded the MSc. You would earn credits from whatever modules you had completed before leaving. Then if you started another course elsewhere you might not have to re-take the same modules again.

User: CharlieC - 03 September 2017 17:32

I left a CDT a few years back after the first year. As long as you complete the first year you'll be given an MRes. Years 2-4 are then classed as your PhD years so even if you leave you'll still be awarded the MRes. Why would you take up a CDT place with a strong inclination you'll leave after a year though?

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