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Studying in Germany

User: Sajida - 07 June 2017 19:09

Hello, Everyone.
I have a question regarding studying in Germany. I have graduated from the university in Hungary, and I was thinking about Master program or second Bachelors. According to the research I did on German universities, in order to study for free in majority of places I need to know German, level B2. I would love to study in German, but the issue is that my German is poor and I would like to, first, complete the language requirements. However, as I see, one intensive year for language is almost 10000 EUR, which I cannot afford. Could anyone
tell me if there is availability to study the language in much cheaper prices? Or does the universities offer such an opportunity?

User: TreeofLife - 09 June 2017 09:30

Can anyone help?

User: cloudofash - 09 June 2017 17:21

I dont know about a course but what if you came to Germany as an aupair first? You wouldnt have to pay anything and I believe that is the best way to learn a new language. Additionally, this would give you some knowledge of the Universities (and their quality) there.

User: bewildered - 09 June 2017 17:47

You need the cheap /free state-run not the private Studienkollegs - list here: http://www.studienkollegs.de/Studienkollegs.html

User: bewildered - 09 June 2017 17:49

Or yes au pair / other job plus German classes at your local Volkshochschule. The classes aren't free but very reasonably priced. Studenkollegs do give you subject specific vocab though so may be better.

User: Tudor_Queen - 09 June 2017 20:36

There are so many courses and resources available for free and for a small charge online, not to mention library, books, television, and other materials you can use. You could consider teaching yourself German. The only requirement is that you are extremely dedicated and motivated. I taught myself German over 10 years ago. I learnt it at home for about a year and then moved to Germany as an au pair Mädchen to really immerse myself in it. I do not have any qualifications in German myself, but this doesn't mean you can't teach yourself to the level required by the exam and then just pay to take the exam. This is just food for thought. Viel Glück!

User: Sajida - 19 June 2017 10:58

Thanks to everyone for helpful and kind answers.

User: sefie - 20 June 2017 08:14

There are some courses in English, e.g. in computer science, engineering physics etc.

Alternatively, there are so called studienkollegs (http://www.studienkollegs.de/home.html), where you can learn German. Actually, I have a friend from Hungary who did this. But she had a husband who earned money. After about a year you can be ready to start studying. Costs for the course (incl. living costs for a year) would be around the 10000EUR you mentioned. You can work to cover some of it, though there may be restrictions on when you are allowed to work. There may be ways for foreigners to finance their studies with a credit (look at https://www.kfw.de).

Additionally, there are institutions at the university that might be of help. Look for 'international students office' for any university you are interested in.

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