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Missed Retake Exam

User: clay1102 - 26 April 2017 14:24

I am currently studying for a masters in International and Development.

I was supposed to graduate in June last year. However I was ill last year - really should have deferred the year due to mental health reasons - and consequently did not manage to complete all course requirements. The university and I came to the agreement to retake the final term. I had already passed one exam and one group assignment and they will help make up my final grade.

I have therefore returned to university to sit the exam I missed last year and complete my thesis.

The night before my exam I got very sick - throwing up etc. I did everything the university told me to do. I informed the Junior Deans who told me to make a doctors appt. as soon as possible in the morning and they alerted the relevant person. Someone from the uni came with me to the drs. and stayed with me under supervision so that I would still be able to sit the exam later in the day (the exam was at 9 am). When I got to the drs they told me to go to hospital. So I did, but then I wasn't under supervision any more and thus lost the chance to sit the exam later in the day.

It is now the next day, I still feel very rough, but want to get this sorted.

It is looking like I might have to wait another year to retake, but I cant be doing a masters over the span of three years.

Has anyone been through something like this before? Is there a way I can convince the department to give me a new exam? I have spent so much money and effort to be here.


User: TreeofLife - 26 April 2017 14:53

Any reason why the person supervising you didn't go to the hospital as well?

Also, maybe ask why they don't design resit exams in the summer like every other uni.

User: Pjlu - 27 April 2017 09:10

Given you were admitted to hospital, there would be a staff member at the hospital (resident doctor) who saw you and can provide a certificate for your time in the hospital-at least to state that you were admitted from X o'clock, treated by Dr such and such and left the hospital at Y o'clock? Your general practitioner (regular doctor) should also be able to provide a certificate that states that you were advised to report to hospital. And the supervisor from the university should be able to back this up. This might be enough to convince the department, or provide evidence to support a formal claim or appeal?

Best wishes, sounds like it was a pretty awful experience to undergo. Hope things work out...

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