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Thinking whether to take a scholarship to do masters in UK or not.

User: briovaz - 24 February 2017 17:46

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I recently graduated and have a supply chain management undergraduate degree. Now I'm doing a job in the supply chain field as an executive in a well reputed company in my country & I'm a new recruit (over 2 months). However I have got a 70% off scholarship to do my masters in the same university I got my degree from. Now im in a dilemma whether I should take the scholarship that I've been offered. I should take the scholarship in the coming September. If so i will have to move to UK leaving behind my job. So my quastion is will it be worth taking the scholarship? Instead should I pursue a masters here in my own country while working rather than going abroad? Thanks in advance. :)

User: TreeofLife - 27 February 2017 20:02

Think of future earning potential at current company vs after a masters. What is your long term goal?

User: briovaz - 05 March 2017 10:34

Quote From TreeofLife:
Think of future earning potential at current company vs after a masters. What is your long term goal?

Thank you for your reply. The scholarship is very generous as it is 70%. Its an opportunity no one gets and thats why im in dilemma. future earnings will be good the present company i work for. Plus a masters degree is needed here for promotions and going up the career ladder. can you please advice.

User: fallenonion - 05 March 2017 21:58

I suppose the thing to ask yourself is, how would you feel if you took the masters then couldn't get a your old job or a related job straight away at the end of it? Although you will probably know better than anyone what employment prospects are like in your field and country. Would your employer hold your job open for you?

If I were you, I'd look to see if you could do a masters part time while working. That way you get the best of both worlds. I had a similar dilemma a few years back and went the part time route. The benefit of it is you can apply your masters to actual issues in your job, which might be of more benefit to your employer. The other thing is, whilst any scholarship at all is fantastic, there will be some costs to pay plus living expenses, obviously. Why pay out when you could earn and learn?

Unless of course money is no object, in which case, I'd say go for it, have fun!

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