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Best Masters course for computer security like cyber security and digital forensics?

User: nivedha - 18 November 2016 05:51

I have two years penetration testing experience. I have completed my Bachelors in Information Technology(B.tech).
I want to become a cyber security expert and interested in digital forensics. Is it a wise choice to do masters in Cyber security and digital forensics or equivalence or is it better to choose Masters in computer science and then select any elective in security?

So, what is the best masters course for my requirement ?
And, What are all some best universities to pursue it ?
I am planning to take my GRE by Jan 2017. So is it good to apply for fall or spring?

User: ZooTV - 25 December 2016 07:25

Hey Nivedha: interesting question you propose - although I am wondering why after 2 years experience you are seeking a Masters in Cyber Sec?, I mean, you're already in industry, once your out of industry and the 'experience' factor wanes, I think you might put yourself in a precarious situation, with the hope that "post-grad" will save you. It won't. Example: you're already in Industry. To answer your question, which course is better suited, it depends on your career goals. If you want to pursue a course in Cyber Security online, check out[url=showthumb]http://www.ecu.edu.au/degrees/courses/master-of-cyber-security[/url]

User: pm133 - 28 December 2016 18:01

Yeah I am not persuaded of the value of any of these types of Masters degree.
Just apply to companies and organisations wanting these types of employees.
They will soon tell you if you lack a ceratin qualification and then you will know exactly what you need.

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