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Is my supervisor doing a good job?

User: ValeriaT19 - 17 November 2016 14:41

I am currently doing a Master by Research. I started two months ago,and it has taken me a while to get used to being here. The things is, at the beginning my supervisor was really nice to me, he was constantly asking how I was doing and helping me with any worry I had, and this helped me a lot because I am a foreign student and I was feeling pretty lonely at that time. But now, I feel like he has lost all interest, I mean, he stills asks me how I'm doing if we meet in the hallway or in lab, and we have meetings anytime I tell him I'm done with what I was doing, but if I didn't ask or go to his desk I feel like he wouldn't even notice I'm here. Since is my first approach to research I was wondering if he's doing a normal/good job or if he should be more interested? Is a supervisor supposed to care just for professional things? I'm feeling really down and I really would like to talk to him, but I feel like I just should approach for professional matters.

User: TreeofLife - 21 November 2016 12:14

That's generally how it goes. You need to ask for the support you want but most of the time you work independently. If you want regular weekly meetings for example, ask for them, and set the agenda if that's what you want to so. It's probably best to look elsewhere for emotional support, such as other postgrad students, your friends, family or university student support or counselling services.

User: Tudor_Queen - 21 November 2016 18:58

Yes, he may not have lost interest so as to speak, but he may have changed his behaviour because at the start he was making a special effort to make sure you were fitting in OK, you had a good relationship and could communicate, etc. I agree with TreeofLife that it would probably be better to seek social or other support from others in your life.

User: butterfly20 - 22 November 2016 12:39

Is a supervisor supposed to care just for professional things?

Yes. It is a business relationship. Don't fall into the common trap of becoming attached to your supervisor. You are more invested in this research than your supervisor. It is your project to manage.

User: AOE26 - 22 November 2016 13:30

Your supervisor is there to help you get through your MSc from an academic perspective. Nothing more. And if they do that - then it's a job well done. They are not there to 'teach' you as you are doing research, they are not there to help you with anything personal.

It will probably feel strange and all my colleagues had the same experience as me so I knew I wasn't being singled out! I remember asking my supervisor a few times "what do you think of this idea?" and "I'd always get 'that has potential'"... It was frustrating as I wanted something like "yes...that's worth 71/100 in my yes".

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