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I could use your help – a conversation for a post-grad project

User: RGStarkey - 05 October 2016 15:39


I've been tasked with tackling inaccessibility in an Art Direction MA unit I began last week – awaken international conversation from three remote utterances. Believing that anything internal, once outed, can illicit a response – start a conversation – I'll leave my three chosen starting points and own responses. 

Respond however you see fit – your heated reaction or cool consideration, through words or images and as many times as you want to – respond to as many or few of the utterances as you want, or respond to me or anyone who replies to this thread. 

1. Historical 
The sun sets without your assistance. The Talmud.

My response: 
The sun sets without anyone’s assistance. I wake with the sun’s assistance and I should worship the Great Hot and become golden and scaly and shrunken beneath it. And praise it when it is gone so that it can return; and sacrifice to it when it is short with us so that it will stay longer. And exodus toward those blessed lands that it treats so much kinder than England, for it is those lands and its people who are right and righteous. How can we argue against such orange-red heat? Until I can join them I will sit before my fire this winter and praise the little image, the little part of the Great Hot.

2. The Unreal
History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake. Stephen Dedalus in Ulysses.

My Response: 
History can be treated as a book, as a book is a capsule. It can be opened when needed: to teach, to shock, to sadden or please, but it must soon be closed and put back on the shelf. And eyes lifted to the world.

3. Modernity
We should be incredibly proud and positive about the UK, and what it can now achieve. Boris Johnstone.

My Response:
Let those that admire you join with you.

Thanks for your time. Rob, Manchester.

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