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PHD or Master business

User: togi - 25 September 2016 21:10

I am last year bachelor of business management, I have work experience in business around 2 years, I want to do PHD in marketing, however master studies seem an obstacle for this. How is it possible to start PHD without studying master, which university would accept so, what do you think?
2nd question, though I am passionate, some people complain about PHD, or most people, they mostly say that it is not as they expected and so on.. What is the reason behind it? Not knowing enough what PH.d is before starting or choosing wrong area of research? Or it is really not as is seen from away? :)

User: TreeofLife - 27 September 2016 11:06

Many universities accept PhDs without Masters.

There's many reasons why people don't enjoy their PhD: from not knowing what to expect, to having unrealistic expectations, to not liking the lab/supervisor/city/university/research group, to being lonely, to struggling with the work load/type ... and I could go on forever. That doesn't mean you won't enjoy it, it depends on the person and their motivations for taking on that particular project in that particular university/city/research group.

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