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Failed to submit a disertation and awarded with a PGdip

User: johnjohn7 - 22 September 2016 22:24

Hello, I began an MSc (full-time) in Environmental Engineering in September 2015. It was a very difficult course for me and I did manage to pass all my modules but unfortunately I struggled to submit a dissertation.
I faced a huge ignorance from my supervisor who dissapeared for more than a month leaving me alone trying to deal with something that I had never been involved in the past. My stress reached uncontrolled levels causing me sleeping problems and nightmares. On the top of that, my girlfriend decided to brake up with me a month before we start living together after 5 years relationship. I asked student counseling for help and I was diagnosed with depression. As a result I was unable to submit my dissertation by the August deadline.
My personal circumstances were not been accepted by the PC Board neither from the Examination Board so I am awarded now with a PGdip.

After returning from holidays I feel much better and ready to apply for jobs.
My questions are:
Is the PGdip enough to find a job in the field?
Is it something that I have to be ashamed of?
Is it better to hide it from my CV and just mention my first degree?
Does anyone found a job with only the PGdip?

Any advice welcome

User: TreeofLife - 26 September 2016 10:24

Hi, sorry to hear about your difficulties. I think you should still be able to find a job. I would just put PGdip on your CV and leave it at that. They probably won't ask about it in interviews.

User: AOE26 - 26 September 2016 10:40

Does your future job/arena require a MSc? If not, then it won't be an issue.

Have to say in 'industry' (as opposed to academia) most people do not know what a PgDip is! When I was awarded mine I would get a blank expression when telling people, if I added "it's half a Masters" I would then get a "ooh well done".

I know of people who only went for a PgDip as they don't 'need' the MSc. You could say you were aiming for that as it is relevant to your role. Or you could say you are still considering completing a MSc. But as ToL says - it's highly unlikely you will get asked.

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