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User: Haroon357 - 30 August 2012 02:18

Hi This Is Haroon 27,Here i want to share with you friends that some one can tell me Whether i can take admission in Ph.D in any Disciplined of Civil Engineering ? As i did B.Sc Civil Engineering.But the problem is here that i did Master in "Urban and Regional Planning" not in regular Subject of Civil Engineering.So the Question is about my PhD Course.Will any type of university will accept me for the PhD as didn't took Master in Civil Engineering ? Yours replay will be highly Appreciated.Bye

User: reenie - 30 August 2012 13:53

Hi Haroon, I don't know the answer, but I suggest you have a look to see what PhDs are available, and make some enquiries about your possibilities:


Good luck!

User: Haroon357 - 31 August 2012 02:42

Thanks i got yours Wed Site...But the thing is and in simple words I did B.Sc Civil Engineer and then Did Master in "Urban & Regional Planning" and i am willing to do PhD in any field of Civil Engineer.My Question is Can i get admission in PhD as i wished ? According to my friends they says i Cant get through PhD course because i should do Master in any Branch of Civil Engineer or should be Basically in Civil Engineering.So Kindly any one help me i am too much Depress as well as confused....Help :-(

User: reenie - 31 August 2012 16:07

Hi Haroon, I understand your predicament, but I still think the best way to find out is to contact potential supervisors and see if you would be accepted with the Masters qualification you have.

Hopefully someone with some experience will be able to advise you better.

User: tua022012 - 01 September 2012 03:57

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User: sherinpaz0055 - 01 September 2012 05:04

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