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Getting Help Writing Essays

User: mlord - 23 May 2009 16:21

Has anyone ever used an essay writing service? One where you just give them the details, pay them and get the essay written for you? I'm getting to that point now...

User: sleepyhead - 23 May 2009 16:40

That's a truly sad state to be in... I'd think whether cheating and breaking university regulations (which is what it is) is worth it. I personally would find it hard to go round saying I had a Masters if someone else had done the work.

Plus most essay-writing services will have set phrases they use - these are easily spotted, trust me!

User: joyce - 23 May 2009 20:08

You would be better off going to the library and getting them to help you sort out what you need to do, you may be able to get someone to write your essay at undergrad or masters, but I think one of the points of doing a masters is that you get to know about the subject in some depth, and when someone mentions people in your field you actually remember they exist, and maybe even something they wrote. you will need this if you go on to do a PhD, and you won't get this by having someone else doing hte work for you.

User: magictime - 23 May 2009 22:21

The people on this forum are working hard to earn qualifications that accurately reflect their abilities in and commitment to their chosen subjects - qualifications that will then help them to compete for (e.g.) jobs and funded PhD places.

I struggle to understand, therefore, why you would expect anyone to come forward and offer friendly advice on how you can cheat other, honest students - including ourselves! - out of those jobs and those places by buying your way to the same qualification.

Still, maybe I'm underestimating the selflessness of my fellow forum users. Anyone feel like helping? If no-one's used an essay writing service, I'm sure general advice on successfully concealing plagiarism, or perhaps sabotaging one's competitors' work, would be just as useful. Come on, don't be shy!

User: cwilson79 - 23 May 2009 23:23

I agree with the replies, but I've been in the same situation and luckily I found someone to cover an essay that I just couldn't get done in time. There are a LOT of sharks out there, but I was lucky enough to find someone who did the job fast and cheap, got my best mark yet! I then went back to doing the work myself, and I feel bad about paying for an essay, but it was worth it.

User: mlord - 23 May 2009 23:39

Can you pls give me the website you used by private message?

User: phdbug - 24 May 2009 06:38

OK. This is plain and simple CHEATING.

I shan't even go into learning, not learning, anything else, for the valuable posts earlier in the thread have done it. You are CHEATING.

And I'm wondering how you're OK with that.

User: phdbug - 24 May 2009 06:38

======= Date Modified 24 May 2009 06:43:23 =======
OK. This is plain and simple CHEATING.

I shan't even go into learning, not learning, anything else, for the valuable posts earlier in the thread have done it. You are CHEATING.

And I'm wondering how you're OK with that.

And person below, you got your "best mark yet"??????? YOU got it? And you mean to say that you are actually happy with it? In what do you imagine that you got the mark, of course you didnt! One person wrote the stuff and another got the mark for it. After cheating faculty, (and of course yourself), you actually feel OK to talk about it and feel contented?

I wasnt going to post on tis thread for I completely agreed with the replies till you came along and did two things: 1) demonstrated the lovely deed you did and 2) actually helped us in getting a response from OP who has clearly proven that all the rest of the replies have meant nothing to them.

User: cwilson79 - 24 May 2009 09:50

I'm not saying it's right I'm saying I understand people get into holes sometimes. Mlord it's 24houressay.co.uk that I used I'm not recommending you use a service like that but I'm being open-minded about your reasons for doing so.

User: magictime - 24 May 2009 10:41

Well, I've been proved wrong - someone DID want to help.

CWilson79, I hope you're comfortable with the fact that one day Mlord's CV/application will be sitting in the same pile as a group of other students who've got their degrees honestly. If he (or she?) is like you and manages to buy an exceptionally good mark, maybe he'll succeed in cheating himself to the top of that pile and the person who SHOULD have been there will find that their academic career is over, or their dream job has gone to someone else.

Moderators - I hope the address of that essay-writing website will be removed?

User: satchi - 24 May 2009 11:29

yes I've used an essay writing service. I paid them online to edit and re-structure my letter of motivation. But I wrote the essay myself. The editor also gave me very good advice.

I don't know where you can find people to write the whole thing for you but I want to say that essay-writing editors do give good feedback on your writing.

User: cwilson79 - 24 May 2009 11:36

I'm not saying I'm comortable, I'm saying I understand.

User: Ergogirly - 24 May 2009 11:45

Love or loath them I think they are here to stay and feel there is a growing market here. I've always considered that providing my own work is an extension of myself. Strong or weak work, I'm still very proud of it.

But pride doesn't count if you're in competition with other students for funding and if they're participating in this service, you may feel you have no other choice but to follow suit just to keep up.

The concept of cheating to better ourselves is not new but the blatant advertising is.

User: cwilson79 - 24 May 2009 18:06

I think we've all been where the OP is. Bottom line is, I would've failed my course if I hadn't paid to get my work done for me, and I was lucky enough to find one of the few reputable sites that provide this kind of service. I've gone on to start doctoral research and while I'm not proud of what I did, it was a means to an end. I don't regret it for a second.

User: cwilson79 - 24 May 2009 18:07

Sorry, "all" is a generalisation. But I bet I'm not the only one.
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