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Masters Degree Course

Oil & Gas Enterprise Management

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Aberdeen University
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Aberdeen University
12 months (MSc) 9 months (PgDip)
Honours degree, at a level of Upper Second-Class (2.1) or above, or its international equivalent, preferably in Geology, Geophysics, Engineering, Law, Economics, or other relevant degree. Even if you have been educated in the medium of English you must meet our English Language requirements. These are located at LINK. This programme requires that you meet the 'Postgraduate Higher' level of English proficiency.
September, January
MSc, PgDip
Graduate School Admissions Unit
Masters study type: Full time

This programme provides a broad training in oil industry matters; especially those pertaining to how relatively small oil companies can work with National Oil Companies (NOCs) and energy ministries to better exploit their hydrocarbon resources. In this respect training in commercialisation, economics and law is included, as is an understanding of how science and technology can be applied at the cutting edge to improve hydrocarbon exploration success and recovery.

The programme aims to develop the conceptual and empirical knowledge, analytical skills and understanding of the business development process in the oil and gas industry. It encompasses modules in the latest technology in Geology, Geophysical and Engineering disciplines. The emphasis is on practical application of studies, lateral thinking and management techniques. The first term covers science and technology issues of hydrocarbon commercialisation, and the second term focuses on business, law, politics and economics.

The course concludes with project work conducted over the second 6 month period.

The MSc in Oil and Gas Enterprise Management covers a broad range subjects and courses in order to encompass all the aspects related with the oil industry environment. Students will be presented with all of the business drivers in these areas of technology, from exploration, appraisal through production and decommissioning. World experts in all of these areas of expertise are on our doorstep in Aberdeen. Environmental, human and cultural impact of the oil industry is presented, and safety engineering and issues, using a series of case studies, is included. Students will be expected to research beyond each of these areas and produce papers reviewing aspects of technology and how it impacts on the business.

The programme also includes entrepreneurship, negotiating and presentation skills, petroleum law and contracts, petroleum economics and accountancy. Highly trained individuals with an international experience unparalleled in any other research centre teach these areas. The emphasis will be on practical application of studies, lateral thinking and management techniques. The programme includes broader issues of security and conflict, by addressing and assessing risk in operating in the Middle East - Caspian Sea ellipse.

Assessment will comprise many practical exercises and research papers and essays, where students can access information from a wide array of sources, including Oil Industry journals, periodicals and other papers which are available to them.
Many of the courses include 'games' spread over several days which require team and negotiating skills, as well as a knowledge of technology and economics, which draw the various courses together. Team-building, geological fieldwork, and offshore safety course are all part of the course.

The Oil Industry has very strong links with the Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology. We take advantage of our position as the European Oil Capital by organising a series of excursions to examine aspects of the Oil Industry and the geology of the North Sea.

Lectures and classes are held in locations across the campus.

Students have a dedicated classroom in Meston building and classes are held in this room and across the campus. In the dedicated classroom, students have access to PCs, colour and monochrome laser printers and scanner. The PCs have a wide variety of specialist and standard software installed.

The Department is also home to The Halliburton Suite, a 3D visualisation facility which allows seismic data, gathered from surveys of the earth’s crust, to be viewed in 3D enabling geoscientists to examine and map the internal structure of the earth’s crust, to improve the understanding of its evolution, and to study methods involved in oil and gas exploration.

Students also have access to the other departmental facilities as required.

Assessment comprises of many practical exercises and research papers and essays, where students can access information from a wide array of sources, including Oil Industry journals, periodicals and other papers which are available to them. Many of the courses include ‘games’ spread over several days, which require team and negotiating skills, as well as a knowledge of technology and economics, which draw the various courses together. Team-building, geological fieldwork, a visit to see oil platforms and offshore safety are all part of the programme.

Funding exists for this programme (dependent on eligibility). Please visit

More Information
More information about this programme can be found on our Postgraduate Prospectus:

Visit the Oil & Gas Enterprise Management page on the Aberdeen University web site for more details!

Subject Area(s):

General Engineering Geology

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4 Comments or Questions
by Bily ( Sat, 11 Feb 2012 05:42:12 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team Can a third class (3rd class) candidate apply for PgDip on this course?
Response from Jennifer Duguid   at Aberdeen University ( Wed, 15 Feb 2012 10:46:16 GMT ) Reply from course provider The entry requirement for Post Graduate Diploma is the same as the full master degree.
by Sean ( Tue, 04 Oct 2011 10:10:36 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team I am really interested in this masters as I want to get into the industry- However I only got a 2.2 degree. Can I apply and hope for the best? I have been working for two years and have completed two part time night courses in Accountancy.
Response from PG Admissions Secretary   at Aberdeen University ( Wed, 05 Oct 2011 16:14:42 GMT ) Reply from course provider The entry requirements are normally a degree or equivalent qualification at 2.1 or above in Geoscience, Law, Engineering, Economics or Commerce. You can find more details on the programme at

by Andy ( Sat, 17 Sep 2011 17:40:17 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team i m quite interested in the p[rogramme, but i have a degree in biochemistry and wondered whether i qualify to apply. thanks.
by Andy ( Thu, 08 Sep 2011 11:06:14 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team What are your fees for this course?
Response from Find A Masters Team ( Thu, 08 Sep 2011 11:16:22 GMT ) Reply from Find A Masters Team For information on the course fees please see the weblink above under 'masters fees'.


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