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Ceramics & Glass

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A generous bursary scheme exists at the RCA for eligible students: this year the Royal College of Art allocated ₤2.8 million in fees and maintenance grants to its students.

“In terms of art, London’s galleries and museums are just incredible. To have so many in such a small space is the most amazing opportunity in the world. I’ve realised that it could take me 20 years to meet the sort of people and tutors I met here.” Tae-Lim Rhee, MA RCA Ceramics & Glass, 2006

Ceramics and glass are ubiquitous. They are among mankind’s oldest synthesised materials and are present in almost all aspects of our daily lives from sanitation to tableware, art and decoration, to hip replacements, bricks and windows, etc. Ceramics & Glass at the RCA is not simply a fixed set of media, however, but a site for discursive practice, where cultural, social, personal, historical and aesthetic concerns intersect. What underpins this is our belief that our activity is rooted in its being an Applied Art. It is this ‘application’ of process, skills, material understanding and the development of ideas through making, that sets us apart. We focus on notions of use in its widest sense – the place that our work has in the world – Why is it important? Who is it for? What does it do? Can it be different? We aim to challenge and question preconceptions, and to suggest and propose alternative scenarios.

Through this, we seek ways to identify and create opportunities for students to exploit their talent across a wide range of activity and to develop practices as makers of one-off objects, designer/makers of batch-produced products, artists working to public/private commission and creative thinkers able to engage with a globalised industry.

The department exists to encourage skilled practice and creative thinking in the two media of glass and ceramics. We feel that there are interests and outcomes common to both, and students are encouraged to experiment across a range of material possibilities. On joining the course, students will engage in a collective project to orient them to the working of the department, and its facilities, materials and personalities. Throughout the first year, alongside their self-negotiated work, students explore, through a series of projects, different notions of use, production and the specifics of site. These present an opportunity to question assumptions and engage with new methods of making.

During the second year, routes of study based upon a student’s ambition and knowledge are chosen and negotiated with the staff team. Some of our work is collective, in groups of various sizes, but most of the time the one-to-one tutorial is the basis for our discussion. In the studios and workshops, first- and second-year students work alongside each other and it is the mixing of the two years and the juxtaposition of glass and ceramics that create an environment where some of the most important learning is experienced within the student group.

A generous bursary scheme exists at the RCA for eligible students: this year the Royal College of Art allocated ₤2.8 million in fees and maintenance grants to its students.

Resources and Facilities

Technical instructors provide a day-to-day source of advice and demonstration and may also assist in the making of students’ work. The team of four technical staff is expert in the main areas of practical activity, that is: hot glass-making; cold glass-working; kiln-forming; plaster model- and mould-making; plastic clay-making; and clay and glaze development.

Personal workspace in the studios alongside the workshops.

Ceramic workshops:
Most clay-working processes including throwing, hand-building, slip-casting,
jigger/jolly- and dust-pressing.

Sledging equipment, lathes and whirlers for plaster model- and mould-making as well as facilities for rubber- and lost-wax-moulding.

Glass furnace:
Two pot furnaces melting lead-free pelletised batch, with one available for the experimental melting of colour for either blowing or subsequent casting. Two glassmakers’ benches each with a glory-hole.

Cold glass-making shop:
Flat-bed grinders, reciprolaps, linishers, diamond and stone lathes, diamond saws and drills, two sand blasters and a lamp-working torch.

Gas and electric kilns for all ceramic- and glass-forming requirements; all kilns have programmable controllers.


* Apple Macs, PCs, scanners, laser and inkjet printers
* standard software includes Photoshop™, Illustrator™ and Rhino™ 3D-modelling program

Glaze lab:

* all standard materials for clay and body formulation
* wide range of colours, stains, oxides and soluble salts
* glaze calculation software
* spray booth


* silkscreen bed for the production of glass and ceramic enamel transfers
* RIP station and wide-format printer for the production of high-density films for screen exposure


* If other facilities are required, industry links and other workshops within the College and elsewhere enable work to be completed
* Opportunities exist for special access to the collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Royal College of Art
School of Applied Art
2 Years
A good undergraduate degree in ceramics or glass or equivalent professional experience.
Course Administrator
Masters study type: Full time

Subject Area(s):

Art & Design - Theory & Practice

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3 Comments or Questions
by Alice ( Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:45:55 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team I am a student in my fourth year from the Academy of Aat and Design in Tsinghua University. I want to apply about the MA course of ceramic and glass in RAC this year. What should I do to prepare the portfolio and other items? Thanks for your advice.
by Kuntal ( Wed, 04 Jan 2012 05:50:02 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team Hi, I got my bachelor's degree in computer science from India with 2 years of relevant industry experience. And I wish to take up ceramic and glass designing course as my post graduate field of study. Can i avail the course? What will be the requisites for me.
by Alice ( Thu, 15 Dec 2011 18:13:05 GMT )
Reply from Find A Masters Team I have a degree in Fashion Textiles, and a post grad diploma from Goldsmiths college London, would i be eligable to apply for the MA in Ceramics ? Also when is the closing date for the applications
Response from Aine Duffy   at Royal College of Art ( Fri, 16 Dec 2011 11:11:07 GMT ) Reply from course provider Hello there, you don't need a first degree in ceramics, but you do need to have significant, demonstrable, experience of working with the material. Is your p/g diploma in ceramics? Closing date is January 16th and do feel free to call me on 02075904127,

Best wishes



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